About Layer By Adje

Layer by Adje is the name given to tailor-made designs from the regular Layer collection (which consists of light sculptures & furniture) which range to custom-made light and interior decoration projects created in close collaboration with clients and architects.

Layer Conceptual Design is represented by the Dutch designer Adje Verhoeven. The Layer collection is characterised by straightforward architectural shapes with a robust touch & feel and by the use of honest and pure materials such as wood, steel and glass.

In his designs, Adje Verhoeven is always looking for the balance between shape and transparency. The Layer collection is exemplary in this - it is a collection in which the shapes challenge gravity.

The source of inspiration for the designs can be found in minimalism, which starts from simple primary basic forms, neutral colours and mathematical arrangement.

The objects are characterised by the fact that, with their austerity, they immediately connect with contemporary interior design. Adje is certainly not afraid to take on new challenges; day after day new sources of inspiration come up that will be worth taking up and trying out - Art by Adje is proof of that.

At present, the Layer by Adje designs are attracting more and more international interest.

® Layer Conceptual Design is a registered trademark. All models and designs are registered and copyrighted.

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